Final Major Project : My Idea

I have thought a lot about my FMP and I have been going through idea after idea in my head about what I am going to do and how I would do it, I thought about the futuristic setting, medieval setting even a greek setting much like god of war because of all the interesting designs in the game, but in the end I decided to go with a pirate theme given my little obsession with the new assassins creed game at the moment and the thought of creating my own pirate character sounded interesting to me and I loved the idea of modeling a highly detailed pirate ship. I have thought about how this would be set up, I could rather have a ship on its own with pirates on or have two boats together with pirates fighting other pirates with swords and flint guns which looks like the way I am heading. I haven’t thought as of yet what my charactesr will look like or what style it will have, whether it be dark and gritty or looking like a cartoon kids game but I will be researching all types of pirate looking character and games and there is plenty of books and history about pirates. I will be drawing some concept art through the coming days and keeping my blog updated with ideas i have come up with and showing development until finished.