What Ive done here is alot simpler that it looks,I first used black and grey with the gradient tool to swipe across a clean file,then I added the darth vader image which I found on Google,the image of vader is actually the back of a toy,I just then darkend a few parts of the toy so it didnt look like a toy then I used basic shapes for the setting of the space ship and just darkend and lightened these shapes with the Burn Tool and the Dodge Tool,after I placed all the shapes in the right places, I then used the Dodge tool for the lights on the consoles with a few red spots for lights too,then also a few dark and light shades around the lights,and then last I added the stars in the background,and to do all this I actually print screened a shot from Revenge Of the Sith film so I knew where the consoles,windows,pipies etc went (This probably has taken me about an hour and a half to two hours tops)