GAME MENU SYSTEMS (Good and Bad) + Bad product interface


The first game I have chosen is Assassins Creed BrotherHood,like most games the icons on the HUD are in the corner of the screen to try not to get in your way of playing your game,the HUD of this game I liked,the weapons system worked with the D-pad,the icon for your weapon wasnt to big or to small and it was enough to know what weapon your selected on,the health bar is isnt to in your face and uses the colour rather than green which is just fitting of the game although the health bar does get bigger as your progress through the game,the only think I dislike about this HUD is the x,y,b and a button in the top right hand corner which reminds you which button on your controller does what which I think is slightly pointless to have because if you have played the other games before this one you know exacly which button does what so you dont have to be reminded unless something new has been added and it is always shown on your screen and always flickeres when there is a new obstacle as the buttons change depends what your doing in the game.The last icon on the HUD is the games map which is bigger than the other icons and this Im actually glad its pretty big just because there is so much to do and alot of places to go and each building or treasure chest shows up if you walk past it and it shows up quite big on the map so you dont miss it,and of course all the icons on the HUD are parshly trasparant rather than being fully white so if anything happens to pop up in the corner of your game you can still see something is there.Over all I have never had a problem with any of the 4 Assassins creed games as they all have similar if not the same HUD


The bad representation I have chosen in of course an MMORPG which is Dc Universe online on the ps3,I have never been a big fan of PC games just because I am to comftable with playing with a simple hand held controller so when a game made to fit a PC came to a console I liked the idea and watched a few gameplay videos on youtube but of course you only see the good parts of a game you want and the flaws are obviously never told or you choose now to see them,when I first played the game I liked it,from the start there wasnt anything bothering me because you first go through training with no other online players present,but when you go out into the actuall gameing world with other online players things became alot different which is one of the reasons I was put off with MMO’s and this game inparticular,because Im to used to seeing a nice clean looking HUD with only your health and a few other icons which are needed to keep a check on regularly,on Dc Universe online there are icons all over the place such as other online players names/health and when you have approx 20 other online players in one spot it becomes very messy especially when there are that many players fighting the same people you are there icons can sometimes cover enemies or even another player,and this is before I bring up your players HUD which has your own health bar/your map/a long icon at the bottom for your choice of powers which has pictures of your different powers which is also sometimes hard to understand when your trying to concentrate fighting another player and you need to use something else to fight them with/you also have a chat box which isnt always there when you are flying around on your own but when you are in an area which holds alot of online players you have no choice in having it there or not which takes up to much of your bottom left hand corner and I have never liked talking to people while Im playing a game and of course if you havnt got a keybad for your controller it can be time consuming to type a simple sentence,then you have your tasks/missons which are also always there to let you know what your next mission is .I think what I would have done is let you have a choice is what you see and dont see apart from the main icon your need on your HUD like your health and map which works pretty well for most games,and maybe not have enemies health bars so big above there heads.I know there are people who like playing on these type of games but when you have become comftable on how other HUD’s look you can pick out alot of flaws.


The product I have choosen in the Blackberry curve phone,there are more things wrong with this phone that I could possibly write down but I will point out its key flaws which set me back alot of the time which had me having to go on the internet to know how to get to a certain place or do a certain thing on my phone,on certain pages on the Blackberry such as the options menu which you would think would be easy to understand would just give you an unorganised list of things your automaticly expected to know about

,and this is just the first page on the settings menu,the options in the settings menu open up to even more lists of things that lead to no where you really even need to go,

aside from the terrible settings page the main menu for most of the applications is customisable which lets you hide the things you know you never want to use or the thing you think take up alot of space which I found helpful and