Personal Logo Ideas

These are just two images of a logo I am working on for my own personal branding, I have been looking a few thumbnail logos for other companies so I decided to do a quick photoshop image of what mine may look like


Pirate ship figure head

This is the finished figure head on my pirate ship, I am happy with the finished out come, I wanted something different and creepy looking but I was told ships actually had women on the front of there ships made me think about changing the figure head until I found out that this isn’t true with all ships, but after thinking about it I think if I had enough time to put enough effort into just a figure head of something a little better I may do that but at the moment I think I am happy with the one I have made because I am the one that has made it,I wanted it to have some sort of trademark of being the ship I made


this is just a hand full of real figure heads I looked at for inspiration,as you can see not all figureheads are in the same pose so it helped me to figure out a pose for my own figure head

HMS Unicorn figurehead 31 Jan 2006 bow4_1584218i cutty-sark-figurehead figurehead-of-falls-of-clyd Warrior_figure_de_proue

Character Poly Count

Poly count is something I have a big issue with, I can create good looking characters in mudbox or sculptris but they have a very big poly count,now there are a few ways to lower the poly count on a character, you can rather have a high poly character with texture and a low poly version and projection map the high poly texture onto the low poly character, or you can use the tool in sculptris to lower the poly where there isnt high quality texture, and doing this myself because I have no idea how to projection map and it seems like a tedious process and so the poly tool in sculptris took me along time, you lose most of the detail you put effort and its hard to even then get the poly count low enough where you are satisfied with the poly count and the quality of your model so you have to make sure you try and keep things such as creases and facial features, I have recently made a pirate for my ship in sculptris and the finished model came to about 700 thousand polys, and the lowest I got it to is about 130 thousand polys, now you may think that even this is far to much for one character, but doing a little bit of research on poly count for characters in the next gen consoles (xbox one and ps4) I found out that just the main character in ryse has 170 thousand polys in game, of course you probably couldnt have this many poly in a game engine like udk and unity because of the surrounding environment plus how many other characters in the same screen but finding this put me at ease a little, but here are the different models of my characters, the lower poly model is on the left and high on the right. You can tell the difference straight away with detail,there are some parts of the model that didnt matter at all how many polys was there such as the beard of the chest. Due to the fact I wasnt fully happy with my final low poly model and the fact that projection mapping is a tedious process to go through for one character I am going to research into projection mapping and see if I can get the out come ii wanted with the higher detail.


these are images of the ryse character poly count charts and official banner of the poly count for the characters

59496_original dfcd

Pirate Ship Figure head

The figure head is one of the things on the ship I wanted to wait till last to do because I knew it would take some times to create something decent for my ship, I did some quick research on them just to see what they general look like and what shape there where in to match that particular ship, because I want my ship to feel a little different I didn’t want some beautiful mermaid on the front of mine so I decided I want something creepy and a little haunting, I wanted the mermaid tail and a human body but to make it different I cut the arms off and gave my figurehead some octopus tentacles and a marine like face, this was just trial and error as I did this in sculptris, this isn’t my usually modeling program as I tend to use mudbox, sculptirs is brilliant for detail but you dont get a lot of tools to sculpt with and generally adds more polys on its own the more detail you get where as mudbox you sculpt with what you have been given but is limited so its best to use both for certain things such as lower the poly count after modeling and what not,anyways this is what I came up with,it may or may not be my final design but it is for now

(this isnt the finished version,I did add suckers onto the tentacles after I screen shot this and I painted it with the same wood texture i used for my ship)