Unused Aztec character

This was simply just an used aztec character I created for project warlord, I was looking to create just another buffed up aztec after the first one, but I wanted these to look min cave guy aztec character, but with us already having enough for the project I decided to scrap it, as for one it looked a little to alien looking, and it just didnt make sense in the story we came up with for the project


My Rigging Animation Tutorial

For those reading this and want a quick and easy way of rigging a character for animation that isnt 9 minutes long in about 10 different parts on youtube follow this, I read a book on animation in 3ds Max, I followed it carefully for about a week and once I figured it all out and kept repeating the process for countless times I could rig a character in a couple of mintues, I am sorry for the small picture, was my fault when creating the video, and I had to writing on the tutorial because I don’t have the quipment for voicing the tutorial

I used this rigging technigue for or client project ”project warlord” and another student placed them withing the level

Hope this helps and thanks for looking

Group Project character design

For our group project we have two civilizations on our island, aztecs and vikings so I decided to start researching viking and how they look and these are a few images I found, with our viking on a hot island they wouldn’t be wearing all there armor so Ive decided to incorporate that within my model, vikings used a lot of animal pelts for there clothing so once I get started on clothing my model I will give him an animal pelt for the bottom half of his body, I have also modeled a viking helmet and shield, the shields textures didnt comes out as well as I had hoped so I will be redoing them later on,I just needed some probs so see how well they would work together when I animate my model

The_Vikings_were_hated_everywhere Valiant_Armoury_Nemesis_Battle_Axe.1 viking_2_295 viking_weapons vikings Vikings_Warfare01_full vk_sword_double_edge Selection of Viking weapons: 11th century

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